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The Registrar’s Office is responsible for maintaining the accuracy and integrity of all student academic records such as transcripts, enrollment verification, and degree certifications.

Jonas Clark BuildingThe Registrar’s Office also:

  • Records academic-related information such as students’ majors, minors, concentrations, and tracks.
  • Ensures students meet graduation requirements.
  • Maintains course data and the University Academic Catalog.
  • Manages registration, degree audits, and grade submissions.

The New CUWeb is Here!

To view video tutorials go to the Student & Faculty/Advisor tabs and check out the FAQ section below. Some important changes to point out are: Add/Drop classes looks different (you will have to add fields to enter more than one CRN & don’t forget to click Add to Summary & press Submit then look for errors) and  Primary Advisors will release an Advising Hold (no more PINs to enter). CUWeb can be accessed anytime through the ClarkYOU portal.

What’s New?
CUWeb will look different, but the functionality will mostly remain the same. There’s now a  student Profile which will include pronouns and chosen first name. All the pages will have a modern look and be mobile friendly.  Students/Advisors that are used to the PIN number for registration will transition to a registration hold that will be removed once advising takes place.

I am a faculty, how can I see my class roster?
From the Faculty & Advising tab, click on the Class List Tile.  Select the term and then click on the subject of the course.  Clicking on the title or CRN will only bring up course details, not the roster.

Will I use my same credentials?

How can I change my photo?
On the One Card website click on Submit your OneCard photo. There will be an option to update the photo displayed only (you do not need to order/pay for a duplicate OneCard if you do not need one).

I am a student and met with my primary Advisor but never got my PIN, what should I do?
Students no longer need to enter a PIN each time you add/drop classes. Your primary advisor will release an Advising Hold. To see if the Advising Hold has been released go to the student Profile Tile.

I am a student that will be graduating in May and have an Advising Hold. What should I do?
Nothing needs to be done. The Advising Hold only prevents preregistration for the next term. Since you do not need to register for the next term the Advising Hold will not negatively impact you. If you have other holds please reach out to those departments to clear them.

How can I choose the number of units for a variable credit course?
When you add the class it will default to lowest unit available. To change the units, from the Register for Classes tile, click on the Schedule and Options tab. Then you can click on Hours, use the drop down to select the number of units, then click on Submit.

What if I need help?
The Registrar’s Office has video tutorials on the Student & Faculty/Advisor Tabs on  their website. HR & Payroll have updated documentation within the ClarkYou portal.  The ITS Help Desk is also a good resource.

Why are we upgrading?
We want to provide an easier, more modern and more comprehensive experience in CUWeb so you can spend less time clicking and more time doing what you do best: learning, teaching, and working. Support for the previous version of CU Web will soon be entering phased discontinuation, so Clark is proactively making this change before it becomes a necessity.

When will the new version be available?
Now!  We went live on  February 20, 2024.

What happened to the old version of CUWeb?
Most components of the old version have been retired and are no longer available.  For the short term Register for Classes (Old CUWeb) and Faculty Grade Entry (Old CUWeb) are available.

Phase One: Installation and configuration begins January 2023 – Completed

Phase Two: Testing – Completed

Phase Three: Demos to campus partners begins June 2023 – Completed

Phase Four: Migration to Production begins Oct. 2023 – Completed

Phase Five: Documentation – Dec. 2023 to April 2024. See video tutorials on Student & Faculty/Advisor Tabs

Phase Six: New Version Available – Go Live date February 20, 2024

Phase Seven: Terminate old version – Most pages from the old version have been terminated at go live.  Faculty Grade Entry & Student Web Registration will be available in the New & Old Version until May 2024.

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